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So what is Thermomix® TM6 and what can it do?

Unlike a traditional stovetop, Thermomix® provides a precise, constant cooking temperature that’s automatically regulated. This means that you can use your Thermomix® to gently warm your food to a set temperature, making it ideal for reheating or cooking delicate food such as custards and sauces. Or, if you want to cook at a higher temperature, simply dial up the heat and you will be able to simmer, boil, sauté or stir fry in your Thermomix®. Thermomix® allows you to cook selecting any temperature need between 98.6°F and 250°F.

It’s easy to cook in your Thermomix®. Just pop the ingredients directly into the mixing bowl, then select the temperature and cooking time using the intuitive touchscreen and temperature selector dial.

Thermomix® will do all the cooking for you, and let you know when your meal is ready.

Regulated cooking temperature

How do you cook in the Thermomix®?



Thermomix® is one of the most advanced mixers you can own. The robust, state-of-the-art Vorwerk motor has plenty of power, and the speed can be effortlessly adjusted between 40 and 10,700 rpm. This gives you the ultimate control when mixing. 

You can also reverse the direction of the blade, so that the blunt side is used for mixing. This is ideal when preparing delicate ingredients and foods. 

Powerful and functional

Thermomix ® combines more than 20 functions into one compact appliance.  This means that not only can you use your Thermomix ® as a top-quality mixer, you can also use it to chop, weigh, whip, emulsify, mill, knead, blend, steam, precisely heat, stir and cook your food and more.
With Thermomix® you can cook almost anything you can imagine from breakfast to dinner, from sweets to savory dishes, from drinks and cocktails to pastas and stews.
Thermomix® has been in the market for more than 135 years and it is manufactured in Germany. It complies with the highest standards of quality. It is an investment in a cooking appliance that will last you for years and years to come. 
Check out the videos below to learn more about some of the functions of Thermomix®.


The genius of the Thermomix® is that it can cook and stir without you needing to stand in the kitchen and supervise the cooking. 

Once you have placed the ingredients into your Thermomix® mixing bowl, you just need to activate the timer and stirring function, and leave the Thermomix® to take care of the cooking. t’s like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen!

Hands-free cooking


Thermomix ® has a powerful motor and tough, sharp blades make blending easy. You can use your Thermomix to create beautiful sauces, sumptuous smoothies, textured purees and much, much more. The simple-to-operate blending function allows you to choose whether you want a textured result or a silky smooth blend. 

Thermomix® has a powerful 500 watt motor that operates at a mighty 10,700 rpm. This means that the Thermomix is able to effortlessly whizz through dense ingredients or even crush and blend ice cubes. 

Thermomix’s mighty motor makes blending effortless

grating and milling

The grinding function allows you to mill grains such as wheat, spelt, rice, buckwheat, millet and rye to make your own homemade flour

You can also use the Thermomix ® to grind nuts, make almond meal, prepare your own icing sugar, grate parmesan, grind spices and much, much more. 

Grind or mill ingredients in seconds with Thermomix®


The Thermomix® whipping function can be used to prepare delicious meringue mixtures, as well as rich, velvety mousses, whipped cream, homemade butter and much more. 

Whipping with the Thermomix® is both practical and easy, and requires only one bowl plus the butterfly whisk. This means there is very little to clean or wash up.

effortless whipping


Thermomix® features inbuilt scales for accurate weighing.

Thermomix® can be program to show measurement units in the Imperial System or the Metric System.

Weigh with accuracy to the gram with a Thermomix®


Crush ice for cocktails, cold drinks and more with ease with the Thermomix®.

powerful blades


Thermomix® features a powerful motor so you can pulverize ingredients with ease. Make your own taco seasoning, spice mixes, or icing sugar with the touch of a dial.

pulverize in seconds


The Thermomix® duplicates the action of a master baker kneading the dough. Thermomix® has an in-built interval mode that has been programmed to ensure that the blades regularly change direction while kneading dough, which helps you to achieve optimal rising. The blades mix the dough back and forth in a clockwise-counterclockwise direction, similar to the motion of kneading dough by hand

This ensures that the dough is mixed evenly and thoroughly, giving you beautiful, smooth results

Thermomix® can be used to knead dough for delicious breads, pizzas, savory scrolls or sweet rolls and treats. It can even be used to make heavy doughs and mixes. Just pop the ingredients into the bowl and let Thermomix ® do all the hard work for you! 

make dough like an expert


Thermomix® chopping function slices through your ingredients in just a few seconds. 

Thermomix® can be used to chop onions, nuts, herbs, meat, carrots, potatoes and much, much more. You can also use the Thermomix ® to chop relatively small amounts of food in a flash. For example, an onion can be chopped in just three seconds.

The clever design of the Thermomix ® blade allows it to cut a wide range of ingredients, including fruit, vegetables, meat and nuts. The blade features four different knives, which are set at different heights and angles for the ultimate strength and chopping power. 

Chop ingredients at the touch of a button


The emulsifying function of the Thermomix ® allows you to effortlessly prepare amazing dressings and smooth, creamy sauces. 

Simply place the measuring cup into position, pour the oil into the mixing bowl lid and let it slowly drizzle down into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. The Thermomix® will take care of the rest!

making mayo was never this easy


Thermomix® features a clever steaming attachment that makes steaming a breeze. Simply pop the Varoma steaming attachment on top of the Thermomi ® bowl lid, and you’ll be able to create a complete, low-calorie meal in just a few minutes. 

The Thermomix ® multi-level cooking system allows you to steam several different ingredients all at the one time. You can even use the steaming function while you are using the Thermomix ® bowl to cook a different dish. This means that you can steam chicken and vegetables in the Varoma at the same time as you are using the bowl to cook rice or cook mashed potatoes. Fantastic! 

steaming made fun and easy


Sauté with ease with the Thermomix ® TM6 using our High Temperature function (available only with Guided Cooking).

perfect brown onions every time

rice cooker mode

Rice Cooker Mode isn’t limited to just cooking rice – you can also cook grains like millet, bulgur or spelt. Just place the grain in the mixing bowl along with water and seasoning, select the Rice Cooker Mode and turn the dial. The smart, connected Thermomix® automatically controls the temperature and cooking time so you can do other things.

more than just rice

kettle mode

The Thermomix ® TM6 features a Kettle function that will ensure that you have the perfect temperature for boiling water and for hot beverages.

hot water when you need it

pre clean mode

Depending on how dirty your bowl is or the recipe you’ve just made, simply choose between 4 pre-clean variations – Dough, All Purpose, Fat and Caramel, and Brown Bottom. Cleaning up, even after the stickiest recipes, just became even easier.

clean without getting dirty


Thermomix® can caramelize sugar thanks to the high temperature settings that make caramel, honeycomb, lolly pops and other sweet treats really easy to make. 

hitting the sweet spot


While we’ve always been able to make yoghurt in the Thermomix, the new fermentation mode makes it easier than ever. Using your Varoma, your TM6 will help you keep the perfect temperature for incubating your yoghurt or proofing your dough. Resulting in a great result every time, no matter what the weather is doing! 

ferment no matter the weather

sous vide

Become an expert at sous-vide meats and fish with the sous vide mode. This famous chef technique is now achievable for all home cooks! Cook meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit with the sous vide mode. 

This method of cooking under vacuum, with low temperature, results in evenly cooked, succulent and juicy dishes. 

cooking at low temperatures

slow cooking

Use the slow cooking function to conjure up heavenly pulled pork dishes & comforting casseroles

Slow cooking helps tenderize and bring out the flavor of meat for delicious one pot meals, stews and casseroles. 

cook for hours for delicious results

sear or brown

Sear meat, and brown mushrooms, onions and more to perfection with the High Temperature mode (available only through guided cooking). 

bring the flavors up


Whip cream effortlessly with Thermomix ® TM6 . 

The butterfly whisk helps to aerate the cream for the perfect finish. You can also use the whipping function to churn your own butter. It has never been easier!

the perfect cream, every time

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